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A review of Bircham University graduation


Bircham International University students may start and finish their distance learning degree programs any date along the year and from anywhere in the world.


Review the Bircham University graduation events organized along the year in different places around the world. 


This lack of fixed dates and places to complete BIU distance learning degree program makes it difficult to organize massive graduation ceremonies. Additionally, Bircham International University graduates are qualified and busy professionals which makes even harder to match their different agendas in a given date. Consequently we organize different Bircham University graduation events along the year in different places around the world. And for those who may not attend any of the Bircham University graduation events, they are always welcome to visit any BIU office where they may take an individual graduation picture with the corresponding cap and gown.


Bircham International University offices set up individual graduation picture ceremonies for our graduates. Bircham International University offices will provide a set of graduation caps and gowns for any graduate wishing to take an individual graduation picture. You only need to make an appointment, bring your camera and, of course, having earned your degree at Bircham International University.


Try to join our next scheduled Bircham University graduation events. This is a great opportunity to share this special achievement with your friends and family. Feel free to propose a location for the next Bircham University graduation. This will be a unique and unforgettable experience.



Review Bircham University graduation events:


  • GRADUATE INDIVIDUAL PICTURES - The place to share your graduation pictures. Feel welcome to email your graduation pictures to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • ACADEMIC REGALIA, RINGS, CAPS & GOWNS - Bircham International University does not provide graduation rings. Find below a list of graduation ring providers that you may contact directly to order your ring and any other regalia.
      1. BIU caps and gowns.
      2. BIU Graduation rings.





Distance learning degree programs 

from Bircham International University





Bircham International University offices set up individual graduation picture ceremonies. 


Bircham International University offices will provide a set of graduation caps and gowns for any graduate wishing to take an individual graduation picture. This event is set up at no cost. You only need to make an appointment, bring your camera and, of course, having earned your degree at Bircham International University.


Review the Bircham International University offices

where you can take your individual graduation picture.


This website is also the place to share your Bircham International University graduation pictures.

Email your graduation pictures to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Thanks for sharing!




 Review the list of Bircham University individual graduation pictures:


Review Bircham University graduation.



Bircham International University graduation ceremonies are discussed in this website. Review Bircham University previous ceremonies dates and location in addition to information pertaining to upcoming events. You'd better stayed tuned! Next ceremony may be in your country or somewhere nearby.



We always welcome you to Bircham University graduation events!





Prof. William Martin, BIU CEO, or other BIU Directors travel to various locations around the globe and along the year to offer to all Bircham International University graduates proper graduation ceremonies where they can take individual and family pictures, receive their diplomas, and meet other fellow graduates.



Bircham University GRADUATION Protocol

  • Prof. William Martin or other BIU Directors are charged with taking cap and gown sets to the attending graduates.
  • An original copy of the Bircham International University graduate diploma and transcript will be handed for those graduates who had confirmed their attendance one month before the graduation date.
  • A flat fee of 200 US$ is charged to each attending graduate to contribute to the trip expenses incurred in offering this graduation ceremony to you.
  • Graduates may invite family and friends to attend the event at no further costs.
  • The graduation event will be held at a selected hotel or other facility depending on the number of graduates. Specific details will follow for those confirming attendance.



Bircham University MEETINGS Protocol

Students and candidates are free to requests scheduled meetings with Prof. William Martin, CEO of Bircham International University, or other BIU Directors. Meetings places will normally take place in the selected hotel lobby or at other facility. Meetings will be held by appointment only. Appointments will be coordinated and confirmed with the corresponding Bircham International University staff responsible for the coordination of the graduation events.


Review next Bircham University graduation ceremony 


LUANDA - ANGOLA - March 25, 2017 - Saturday - 17:00 Hours.

Hotel Florença - Av. Luanda Sul (Frente a Belas Shopping) - Luanda, Angola

Click to see map. Frente a Belas Shopping



MADRID - SPAIN - Date not confirmed - Propose your dates!

Palacio de Miraflores - Carrera de San Jerónimo 15 - Madrid 28014, Spain

Click to see map. Metro Sevilla. Parking Sevilla.



MIAMI - USA - Date not confirmed - Propose your dates!

1111 Brickell Avenue, 11th Floor, Miami, Florida 33131 - USA

Click to see map. Miami Downtown.



PARIS - FRANCE - Date not confirmed - Propose your dates!

Tour Montparnasse (26e étage) - 33 Avenue du Maine, 75015 Paris - France

Click to see map. Metro & Train Montparnasse.



SALVADOR DE BAHIA - BRAZIL - Date not confirmed - Propose your dates!

Suarez Trade (16° Andar) - Av. Tancredo Neves 450, Salvador de Bahia 41819-90 - Brasil.

Click to see map. Next to Shopping da Bahia.






Review past Bircham University graduation ceremonies:


Discussion, reputation, reviews and opinion 

about Bircham International University


This forum provides opinions for the review of the reputation of Bircham University.


Few Internet references consider today Bircham International University a questionable institution. Often the higher education legal nature of Bircham International University is misunderstood. Most of those websites have reconsidered, modified or deleted any negative opinion after conducting a deeper review about Bircham International University. 


Constructive opinion and discussion are a very healthy way help to improve Bircham International University reputation and the outcomes of BIU distance learning higher education degree programs.


The testimony of hundreds of graduates speaks for the excellent reputation of Bircham International University. Quoting John Bear, a renowned expert in distance education: "For many years, we have written that in the process of choosing any school, the prospective student should determine, as best he or she can, that their credential will meet both their current and predictable future needs. Based on the testimonials offered by Bircham, it seems clear that there are many satisfied people with the their credential."


Anyway, everybody has the right to express an opinion about Bircham International University. This forum is meant to provide our own review about the reputation of Bircham International University and other related issues. We encourage you to build your own opinion about Bircham International University. Read our website, talk to the BIU staff, visit our offices. The more questions you ask the more convinced you will be about the excellent reputation of Bircham International University. Time, BIU presence and quality are our best arguments and what will finally prevail.


Thank you for your time and interest in Bircham International University.


You are welcome to submit your own reviews or opinion about Bircham International University, as well as any ideas that may contribute to this forum.


BIU Discussion 

Reviews and opinion about Bircham International University


Wikipedia & Bircham University reputation

Unaccredited education

Publications & Newspapers

Opinion about Bircham University




Reviews and opinion about Bircham University - Why?


Since its foundation, Bircham International University reputation has been dealing with internet reviews and opinion.


Bircham International University is a pioneering initiative that intends to resolve the deficiencies that adult degree programs encountered in traditional education, so many people does not know very well what to think when they first learn about the special characteristics and pedagogical approach that BIU offers.


Probably, any review or opinion about Bircham International University reputation emanates from the a good intention to protect consumers.


Unfortunately, there are a large number of online and distance learning institutions, known as Diploma Mills that sell diplomas and lack any academic quality and integrity. The fact that Bircham International University is not accredited by CHEA and not recognized by the Ministry of Education sometimes may lead to its incorrect listing among these institutions from those who do not take a few minutes to verify and research further about the characteristics of Bircham International University reputation.


Bircham International University is constantly improving its academic quality and prestige, so the more relevant we become, the more reviews and opinion the Bircham International University reputation will generate Throughout the years, many websites have reviewed their opinion about Bircham International University reputation. You have to consider the actual relevance of this opinion and of who is expressing it. 


Criticism is always a constructive way to promote self-improvement, critical thinking and debate. Your opinion is also appreciated.


From a legal point of view, there is nothing that Bircham International University can do about anyone expressing their opinion which is not defamatory, except providing arguments and supporting evidence to fix any wrong perception. 


This section provides some examples of personal opinion and reviews about Bircham International University reputation.



Some opinions and reviews worth checking:


Bircham University ranking in distance learning

John Bear's Guide - Expert in distance learning

Publications from newspapers and internet forum

Quackwatch - Consumer Protection advocate

Wikipedia & Bircham University reputation






There are four Management levels that follow a hierarchical order. Each level should report to and relay on the decisions of the upper level, except in the case of Academic Board conflict, Bircham International University Offices conflict and Student conflict. Report any conflict to BIU CEO at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Level 1: Presidential / Executive Management. 

  • Global Management and coordination.
  • Policy design and implementation.
  • Governmental relations.
  • Shareholding & ownership.


Level 2: Strategic & Academic Management.

  • Strategic & Academic Management.
  • Policy & Procedures design and implementation.
  • International & Institutional Relations.
  • Administrative, operational & academic staff supervision.


Level 3: Operational, Administrative & Academic Supervision. 

  • Operational, administrative & academic supervision
  • Policy & procedures implementation and control.
  • Bircham International University Offices control & support.
  • Academic & student evaluation coordination.


Level 4: Operational, Administrative & Academic Work. 

  • Bircham International University Office Management.
  • Marketing & student recruitment.
  • Student Advise & Tutorship.
  • Academic & student evaluation.
  • Academic Program Design.

Level 5: Bircham International University Office Staff & Students