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There are four Management levels that follow a hierarchical order. Each level should report to and relay on the decisions of the upper level, except in the case of Academic Board conflict, Bircham International University Offices conflict and Student conflict. Report any conflict to BIU CEO at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Level 1: Presidential / Executive Management. 

  • Global Management and coordination.
  • Policy design and implementation.
  • Governmental relations.
  • Shareholding & ownership.


Level 2: Strategic & Academic Management.

  • Strategic & Academic Management.
  • Policy & Procedures design and implementation.
  • International & Institutional Relations.
  • Administrative, operational & academic staff supervision.


Level 3: Operational, Administrative & Academic Supervision. 

  • Operational, administrative & academic supervision
  • Policy & procedures implementation and control.
  • Bircham International University Offices control & support.
  • Academic & student evaluation coordination.


Level 4: Operational, Administrative & Academic Work. 

  • Bircham International University Office Management.
  • Marketing & student recruitment.
  • Student Advise & Tutorship.
  • Academic & student evaluation.
  • Academic Program Design.

Level 5: Bircham International University Office Staff & Students