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Academic Freedom:
The Professors from the Academic Board and Advisors Dean of Bircham International University act free and independently from the administrative and operational duties of the university. Any instructor or academic member will be dismissed in the case that any unbalanced interest is detected in the performance of the academic duty that may affect the results of such academic duty. Such unbalanced interest may be financial or of any other kind.

Three Members Committee:
In case of any disagreement with Bircham International University administrative criteria on academic procedures and/or with the teacher assessment, two other members of the Academic Board or Advisors Dean will be invited to join the member in conflict, to analyze together the conflict situation and to propose a solution.

The solution achieved must not contradict Bircham International University Policy. The decision achieved by this three people committee must be accepted by Bircham International University Operational and Administrative departments.

Affecting BIU Policy:

In case that the solution and / or the conflict resolution may affect Bircham International University Policy or intrinsic characteristics, one member of the Bircham International University Board of Directors will join the Academic Committee. They will analyze the conflict together to find the best solution and procedures for the new policy implementation.