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Academic work failure:

  • The student will be asked to repeat the failed academic work.
  • Bircham International University will always explains the reasons for failure.
  • Bircham International University will provide suggestions for improvement.
  • The student may submit the failed work up to three times.

Student / Bircham International University Office Grievances:
Grievance or conflict between the Student & the Bircham International University Office will be handled and mediated by the Admission and Student Control department and monitored by the Chief Operational Officer. Measures will always be taken to understand and prevent further conflicts.

Student / Teacher Disagreement:
In case of any disagreement with the teachers assessment of the student's work, another teacher will be will be assigned to reevaluate the student work. The student will be notified of the name and Curriculum Vitae of the new teacher. The student has one week to notify and explain any further disagreement with the new assigned teacher. This assessment will be monitored by the corresponding member of the Academic Board or authorized representative of the Academic Board. The assessment resulting from the new assigned teacher will be final.

Student Inactivation:
The Bircham International University Office may inactivate any student file who (either one):

  • Has not paid at least 50% of the required tuition within a year.
  • Fails to comply with the payment plan more than 3 times.
  • Does not submit any academic work for a period of 12 months.

Inactive students loose all their student and refund rights.
Before actually inactivating the student the Bircham International University Office must:

  • Send a notice letter with a three week deadline for the student to clarify his situation.
  • Explain the case (write  "comments") clearly exposing the situation and facts.
  • Report to the Bircham International University Office Coordinator about name and reason for inactivation.
  • Wait for Bircham International University Office Coordinator confirmation for final inactivation.
  • Inactivate or delete the student file.