The foundation of Bircham International University


Bircham International University has been created as a consequence of the failure of formal education to address real pedagogical requirements of adult distance learning higher education.


Deric Bircham, President and co-founder of Bircham International University, believed that an effective adult distance learning higher education pedagogy should be based on the following premises: 

  • Critical thinking and innovative learning methods.
  • Acquiring practical knowledge and problem-solving abilities.
  • Taking into consideration previous knowledge and incorporating it into any new program of study.
  • Adult profiles are unique and should be considered individually.
  • Stress should be disregarded from any evaluation procedures.
  • Adult education need to be based on a mature sense of responsibility and pre-established goals.
  • Adult distance education is not for everyone nor for all purposes.


These adult distance learning higher education premises are not taken into account by the formal education institutions because they can lead to discriminatory situations that are not acceptable both legally and politically. If a 30 years old individual may be considered a mature and responsible adult; What about 50 years old? It is the life and professional experience and not the age that should establish differences in adult distance learning higher education profiles. Such life and professional background diversity makes it impossible to establish formal procedures and regulations that fit all situations. For these reason, Bircham International University adult distance learning higher education pedagogy and degree programs do fit in the non formal education domain and can not be recognized by a Ministry of Education.



The Bircham International University founders are:


Deric N. Bircham - The pedagogy for adult distance learning higher education.

Enrique Martin Alonso-Martinez - The vision of adult distance learning higher education.

Laurence Cheng Wen Hung - Business Resources for adult distance learning.

William Martin - Management & Development of adult distance learning.



Laurence Cheng, Deric Bircham & William Martin in 2003



Adult distance learning higher education degree programs 

from Bircham International University