A new concept of adult distance learning higher education


A new concept of adult distance learning higher education was shaped in the foundation of Bircham International University.


Since 1990, Deric Bircham was unsuccessfully fighting the incorporation of the future Bircham International University pedagogical premises for adult distance learning higher education into the traditional university in New Zealand and the UK. His adult distance learning higher education pedagogical system was tested in some Colleges in Oxford, New Zealand and Taiwan in the form of study programs leading to professional diplomas of Specialist and Expert.

In 1996, Deric Bircham made first contact with the Martin Alonso-Martinez family in Spain with the idea of testing and implementing his adult distance learning higher education pedagogical ideas in Spanish-speaking countries. The Martin Alonso-Martinez family came from an old aristocratic background with many business connections. Mr. Enrique Martin Alonso-Martinez saw the potential of Deric Bircham's idea about adult distance learning higher education and encouraged his son William Martin to become actively involved in the project. Enrique Martin Alonso-Martinez died in 1998, but his son William Martin decided to continue with the adult distance learning higher education project that will be later known as Bircham International University.


In 1999, Deric Bircham, Prof. William Martin, and Laurence Cheng Wen Hung met in Taiwan. Laurence Cheng Wen Hung is the adopted son of Deric Bircham; a very successful business man who managed the finances for the actual foundation of Bircham International University adult distance learning higher education. After their meeting, they decided that the institution shall be established both in Europe and the USA and that Prof. William Martin be appointed as the Executive Director responsible for running all the administrative procedures pertaining to founding the institution.

In 2003, Deric Bircham, Prof. William Martin, and Laurence Cheng Wen Hung met again in New Zealand. Prof. William Martin proposed the operational model, software, and networking procedures to ensure the control of academic and institutional quality in the network of offices around the world. Bircham International University Offices were open in several key strategic cultural and geographic cities to offer Bircham International University adult distance learning higher education degree programs in different languages.


In 2006, Laurence Cheng Wen Hung resigned from his active involvement in Bircham International University affairs as he was tempted with a CEO position in the Chinese powerful Mei Yuan Business & Industrial Group. In 2007, Prof. William Martin was appointed as CEO of Bircham International University. Deric Bircham maintained his position as Chief of Academic Affairs and President of Bircham International University. Laurence Cheng Wen Hung remained as Vice-president of BIU.


Today, Bircham International University is proud to have thousands of students around the globe and to be one of the best adult distance learning higher education options in the world.



The BIU Founders

William Martin, Deric Bircham, & Laurence Cheng in 2014