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A review of Bircham University graduation


Bircham International University students may start and finish their distance learning degree programs any date along the year and from anywhere in the world.


Review the Bircham University graduation events organized along the year in different places around the world. 


This lack of fixed dates and places to complete BIU distance learning degree program makes it difficult to organize massive graduation ceremonies. Additionally, Bircham International University graduates are qualified and busy professionals which makes even harder to match their different agendas in a given date. Consequently we organize different Bircham University graduation events along the year in different places around the world. And for those who may not attend any of the Bircham University graduation events, they are always welcome to visit any BIU office where they may take an individual graduation picture with the corresponding cap and gown.


Bircham International University offices set up individual graduation picture ceremonies for our graduates. Bircham International University offices will provide a set of graduation caps and gowns for any graduate wishing to take an individual graduation picture. You only need to make an appointment, bring your camera and, of course, having earned your degree at Bircham International University.


Try to join our next scheduled Bircham University graduation events. This is a great opportunity to share this special achievement with your friends and family. Feel free to propose a location for the next Bircham University graduation. This will be a unique and unforgettable experience.



Review Bircham University graduation events:


  • GRADUATE INDIVIDUAL PICTURES - The place to share your graduation pictures. Feel welcome to email your graduation pictures to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • ACADEMIC REGALIA, RINGS, CAPS & GOWNS - Bircham International University does not provide graduation rings. Find below a list of graduation ring providers that you may contact directly to order your ring and any other regalia.
      1. BIU caps and gowns.
      2. BIU Graduation rings.





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