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A Review of Bircham International University


Bircham International University is a non profit and independent institution of distance learning higher education. 


Bircham distance learning university combines sound and updated curricula with innovative distance learning degree program to present a unique experience to the adult professional student(s).  Bircham International University offers various distance learning degree programs: Bachelor’s (B.B.A., B.S., and B.A.), Master’s (M.B.A., M.S., and M.A.), Doctorate (Ph.D.) and professional diplomas (Specialist & Expert). This distance learning university degrees are highly affordable and cover more than 200 disciplines including management, communications, humanities, arts, psychology, natural health, therapies, computers, sciences, engineering, and others. Each degree is entirely completed by correspondence.


Bircham International University is an alternative to adults from all countries and cultures who choose not to attend a traditional on-campus university. It is simultaneously registered in the USA (Delaware), the European Union (Spain), and the Commonwealth (Bahamas). Consequently, BIU degrees can be issued and legalized in these countries.


This website presents a review for the Bircham International University community up-to-date with various issues related to opinion, accreditation, graduate success stories, students testimonies, ranking and more. It is dedicated to all Bircham International University students and graduates, and to all those who show interest to review the progress of BIU.


We encourage you to visit this opinion forum about Bircham International University and provide us with your review, comment, testimony, and/or suggestions.


Bircham University welcomes any constructive review and opinion that help us improve.

Thank you!


In this Bircham University forum, you can find information related to issues that will help you built an opinion about Bircham University and to learn that Bircham International University is one of the best alternatives in the distance learning universities ranking for adult professional students. Review the following links:



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