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Graduate Services
Graduation Ceremonies

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Bircham International University Graduation

Location: Russia

Year: 2012

Organization: 4th World Scientific Congress in Saint Petersburg

Master of Ceremony: Prof. Dr. Shanti Pushpa Jayasekara


Special Guests:

Prof. Dr. William Martin, BIU CEO

Iryna Panchenko, BIU Russia Delegation

Andrey Nikolaevich Iezuitov, Philosopher and Scientist

Sherkhan Abdievich Abilov, Journalist and russian actor

Valeri Nikitin, General of the Cossacks

Valeryi Ivanovich Kasatkin, Deputy of the Russian Medical Program

Vasily Petrovich Pestryak-Golovaty, Vice Marshal of St. Petersburg Assembly of Nobility

Viktor Vitalyevich Lukoyanov, Scientist Grand Ph.D.

Vladika Anton Korbat, Patriarch of Saint Petesbourg

Vladika Ioann Abramenko, Archbishop of St. Petersburg

Vladimir Viktorovich Tonkov, President of Institute of Biosensory Psychology


Opinion and Review from attending graduates:

"I take this opportunity to thank you for your professional and timely correspondence and excellent support throughout my degree program. During the last one year, I really enjoyed the innovative method of studying and therefore hope to continue my Doctorate at Bircham University in the nearest future. Please also extend my special thanks to the entire team of Bircham University and Mr. William Martin, the CEO for providing such a great opportunity to the working professionals to pursue their higher education with a flexible schedule and no interference with professional life."