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Graduation Ceremonies
Graduate Services
Graduation Ceremonies
2012 Rwanda Graduation 1
2012 Rwanda Graduation 2
2012 Rwanda Graduation 3
2012 Rwanda Graduation 4
2012 Rwanda Graduation 5
2012 Rwanda Graduation 6
2012 Rwanda Graduation 7
2012 Rwanda Graduation 8
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Bircham International University Graduation

Location: Rwanda

Year: 2012

Organization: Bircham International University

Master of Ceremony: Prof. Dr. William Martin, BIU CEO


Special Guests:

Prof. Dr. Octave Semwaga, Director of Student Support in East Africa


Opinion and Review from attending graduates:

"I have the pleasure to inform you that Bircham University helped me to open a door which would have continued to be close to me forever. Indeed, in Rwanda, nobody is entitled to teach at any university as a lecturer he/she does not have at least a Master’s Degree. I was dreaming to be a university teacher but I was not seeing how as wherever I was trying to get a scholarship I was failing and the end, I also feared to loose my job by going outside my country to get the degree.  Fortunately, I got Bircham University address. In almost two years, I got a Master’s Degree in Strategic Marketing. Without any delay, I have put my degree in front of universities and one of them allowed me to teach many subjects among them Marketing. I have reached my dream!!!! Thanks Bircham University. May God bless your founder forever!!!!"


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