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Graduation Ceremonies
Graduate Services
Graduation Ceremonies

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Bircham International University Graduation

Location: Africa

Year: 2001

Organization: Faith Christian University

Master of Ceremony: Prof. Dr. Sir Ige Olumide


Special Guests:

Prof. Dr. William Martin, BIU CEO



Opinion and Review from attending graduates:

"Since my graduation from Bircham University, I have been promoted to run a very busy construction division in my company. Imagine, they will pay for my fuel, water bills, electricity bill, medical bills, school fees for my children and above all i will be entitled to 1 fully paid for holiday with my family anywhere in Africa. Its been a huge change in my responsibility and life. I owe it all to Bircham University and you in particular for all your help and support rendered during my studies. I thought I should share the good news with my pal."


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