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Graduate Services
Graduation Ceremonies
2007 Shanghai School-1
2007 Shanghai School-2
2007 Shanghai School-3

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Bircham International University Graduation

Location: Shanghai (China)

Year: 2007

Organization: Edulink Shangai

Master of Ceremony: Prof. Amber Duan Wen-Jing


Special Guests:

Prof. Dr. Deric Bircham, BIU President

Prof. Dr. Laurence Cheng Wen Hung, BIU Asia Director

Prof. Dr. William Martin, BIU CEO


Opinion and Review from attending graduates:

"I will never regret my choosing of Bircham University as the beginning of my professional life. Bircham University is a small but great institution, its learning mode based on distance education could be innovative for the ever-changing modern society. I gained a lot from the textbooks selected by Bircham University academic board, and the Bircham University administrative team is also helpful for me, not only in academic way, but in other aspects as well. Bircham University is a faraway place but you could still feel like as your home."


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