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Graduate Services
Graduation Ceremonies

Daniel Scott Janik (U.S.A.):
Professor - Bircham International University
Specialty Diplomate and Fellow
American College of Preventive Medicine, Springfield, Missouri - USA (2003)
Specialty Diplomate and Fellow
American Association of Integrative Medicine, Washington DC - USA (1987)
Post Doctoral Research Associate
U.S. National Academy of Science/National Research Council, Washington DC (1988)
- NASA/Ames Research Center, Moffett Field, California - USA (1988)
- NASA / Houston, Texas - USA  (1987)
NASA Summer Faculty Fellowship
Texas A&M University, College Station, USA  (1985)
Doctor of Education in Linguistics
Bircham International University - Spain (2003)
Doctor of Medicine
Loma Linda University, California - USA (1973)
Master of Public Health
University of California at Berkeley - USA (1976)
Bachelor in Chemistry
University of Washington - USA (1970)
Degree Research: A Neurobiological Theory and Method of Language Acquisition.

TESTIMONY: "Thank you so much for faxing my professor comments.  I forwarded them to the publisher of the book based on my thesis at BIU.  I'm still awaiting their reviewer's comments, but Dr. Ramirez's comments seemed to help a lot.  You are the kind of mentor that makes learning a lifelong pleasure.  We are both looking forward to our visit to the BIU office in Madrid. I look forward to receiving the diploma. BIU  has been a wonderful experience - one that has opened may doors for me. As an American holding American undergraduate, graduate and professional degrees, I wanted to experience the "European Approach" to graduate education and found BIU to provide exactly that, but in an innovative, and thankfully distance learning framework."