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Graduate Services
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Nader Ahmed Rajab (Bahrain):
Master's Degree in Sociology
Doctor Ph.D. in Sociology
Cum Laude in Sociology
Degree Research: Ingredients of “islamists terrorism” construct.

TESTIMONY: "I would like to submit my application to your esteemed university to study the PhD (Doctor) in the field of Sociology. I have been a researcher and lecturer in the past 10 years in the fields of history, cultures, human development as well as political science and human rights. I attended many regional and international conferences and forums delivering several research papers, presentations and speeches in the mentioned fields. I was a board member for 3 consecutive terms in the most renowned cultural research center in the Kingdom of Bahrain. As an accomplished corporate strategist, I thank BIU for this valuable opportunity. I’m already promoting studying at BIU for all those who can benefit from BIU’s method of corresponding study."