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Graduate Services
Graduation Ceremonies
Graduate Services
Graduation Ceremonies


Shahmahmood Sayed Miakhel (U.S.A.):
Bachelor's Degree in Political Science
Master's Degree in Political Science
Degree Research: Asymmetric Warfare, Case Study in Afghanistan

TESTIMONY: "I am the director of the United States Institute of Peace in Afghanistan. It was great to attend BIU graduation in Dubai and later visit BIU Madrid office. Let me thank you so much for your kindness to pick me up from hotel, drive me to your office and then back to the airport and had private graduation ceremony for me. Also, I would to convey my special regards and thanks to the BIU staff, mostly Diana and Irene, for their support during my study with BIU. They were always very professional and kind to reply to all my inquiries and help me succeed."