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Graduate Services
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Safia Popal (Spain):
Master's Degree in International Relations
Degree Research: Conflict & conflict prevention

TESTIMONY: "Obtaining a Master degree is a milestone. Many people dream about, and expect to achieve it. Because for the long time, “education” is more a synonym for success, we could pretty much count on a career. A diploma is not a piece of paper. It is an amulet of progress and prosperity nowadays. So in general I can say universities the most reliable engine of social mobility.
Bircham International University is one of top ten distance learning university for adult in the world true its international standards and criterions, and have too much facilities in all issue especially in admission process, providing books, financial payment, purpose the experiences of students, legalization of diploma for graduate students.
The books, which is provide the BIU for Students, are very update books including very useful information and new theories, event and stories, which is going on in the world, from famous authors. In my field of study, learning of these books gave me very useful knowledge of international relation which is need for each politician and practitioners. In these books all the international threads describe very well and clearly according the facts. All books are including brilliant topics as globalization, trade, terrorism, conflict, development, human rights and etc. which are really interesting for reading and learning. Also these books are the most venerable and persisting source of learning realistic theories in each event of international relations, it provides a good starting point and baseline for comparison with competing models.
Bircham International University have very elegant and perfect guidelines and criteria indicated Study Guide and required clear information for all stage of study.
Study master of Art in international Relation with BIU was a great experience and a big opportunity for me. As I was in close condition of working time and handling the family, so I couldn't go to class everyday, but enrolling with BIU help me to carry out Simultaneous, three issue very nicely, and it was a great achievement for me and for my family.  Thank you BIU."