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Graduate Services
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David Nana Ofori Jr. (U.S.A.):
Professor - Bircham International University
Ph.D. in Occupational and Industrial Health and Safety
Bircham International University - USA (2009)
Adjunct Professor of Kinesiology,1994 – 1995
Long Island University (Mercy College) - USA (1995)
M.Sc. in Sports Science and Exercise Physiology
Long Island University, New York - USA (1993)
Diploma in Physical Therapy
City University of New York - USA (1993)
Bachelor of Arts in Bio-Psychology
City University of New York  - USA (1988)
Degree Research: Clinical Sport Medicine. Athletes with physical disabilities.

TESTIMONY: "Thank you for your thoughtfulness. It is very unique to have a faculty that cares and follows up with its graduates."