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Graduate Services
Graduation Ceremonies

Anton D. Buttigieg (Malta):
Doctor Ph.D. in Information Technology
Cum Laude in Information Technology
Degree Research: Modelling Sofware Applications as Web Services using a Service Oriented Architecture.

TESTIMONY: "Talking from my personal experience, I had spent 4 months searching throughout the web for distance learning universities throughout the world. I was looking for flexibility, value for money, organization and professionalism. I found all these attributes in the Bircham University degree I pursued, through which I could read, study and write at my own pace, and balance my time between full-time work, study and my personal life, thereby practising time management and self discipline. I am doing my best to encourage my friends and colleagues to consider taking a Bircham University degree so that they may share the same rewarding experience as myself. Since graduating with Bircham University, I've never looked back and my career keeps on flourishing."