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Graduate Services
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Mahmud Kaber Khalili 1
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Mahmud Kaber Khalili (Afghanistan):
Master's Degree in International Relations
Doctor Ph.D. in Peace Studies - Military Strategy
Degree Research: Project: Afghanistan, a failed state?
Publication: Afghanistan decoded. Perspectives in domestic and foreign affairs (Foundation of Vazhah Publication)

OPINION & TESTIMONY: "I rather enjoyed the model of education that Bircham provided for me as it gave me the time and the peace of mind to write my  reports and thesis in my own manner, not rushing me and not putting me under any kind of pressure. I believe that in the end, my thesis
really adds to the academic discussion about Afghanistan, it's present and it's future. I thank  the Bircham staff, especially Ms. Diana Simpalean, for always being in touch with me when I needed my questions answered and thank you to Bircham for giving me the opportunity to get a Master's degree in such efficient way."