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Graduate Services
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Liliana B. Chocarro (Canada):
Doctor Ph.D. in Executive Management
Degree Research: Impact of culture on quality system implementation efficiency: Focus on the pharmaceutical  industry.

TESTIMONY: "My experience with Bircham University was positive. As a mature student, while looking for the right educational institution, I had to find one that was serious and at the same time provided the necessary flexibility to work towards my Ph.D. I found those at Bircham. The kind of distance program they offered had the advantage of allowing me certain freedom in choosing the topic. In a way I think this lack of stringency at this point is because of their philosophy to put the responsibility on the student. The lack of supervision by the faculty was another point that was different from any other university, so I had to find guidance from other people outside the university. Lastly, the lack of public defense was another unique feature. The final evaluation was done thoroughly according to the comments received by the evaluation panel. In my case, this was a goal I had and Bircham met my needs, which may not be the same for other students wishing to pursue post-doc careers."