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Graduate Services
Graduation Ceremonies

Mohammed Salah Hussien Basha (Egypt):
Specialist Diploma in Health Care Management
Doctor Ph.D. in Public Health
Master's Degree in Business & Economic Consulting
Degree Research: Psysicians’ preparedness to public health emergencies in Egypt

TESTIMONY: "I am Mohammed Salah Basha from Egypt, a Ph.D. graduate from Bircham University. I have two news that I felt should share with the university. First, I have two subjects published in The encyclopedia of Crisis Management, published by Sage publications in March 2013. At time of writing I was still studying at the university my Ph.D. and attached is a scan of the list of contributors with the Bircham International University listed as my university. Second, I am accepted as a speaker in the next World Congress on Disaster and Emergency Medicine that will be held next May in Manchester by the World Association of Disaster and Emergency Medicine. My presentation is quite related to my Ph.D. research study at the university and I will be proud to wear the university pin I received in my graduation ceremony because I am really proud of your university that I graduated in. Please accept my thanks all at Bircham University and please pass my special thanks to Dr.William Martin whom I had the opportunity to meet with in Cairo last year in a graduation ceremony. My discussion with him was really very fruitful and helped me a lot thereafter in planning my path."