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Graduate Services
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Wandré Guilherme de Campos Lisbôa (Brazil):
Doctor Ph.D. in Linguístics
Honoris Causa Doctor in Linguistics Education
Cum Laude in Linguistics Education
Degree Research: Por uma gramática funcional - Discursiva a favor do perfil identitario do aluno pos-moderno no ensino público.

TESTIMONY: "I heard about BIU, while researching on the Internet. I took all my questions, which were not few, with Cesar Martinez, BIU Portuguese Language Division, which always and has always been an excellent listener and advisor. I started my course not believing him, but when I saw the books coming, I was overjoyed, because I could see that the books were references worldwide and who just studied them is who had attended the doctorate out of Brazil. Even in Brazil, the books I read, analyzed, produced articles and my thesis, were next. I loved my course. I really liked the methodology and I used in my Portuguese language lessons with my students in basic education and in higher education. I haven't found any other Institution with the conditions that BIU offered me to attend. There are no courses alike. Hug!
A educação totalmente a distancia no Brasil ainda é algo que para as autoridades não foi aceito, mas pelo bom trabalho feito por instituições como a Bircham, poderemos conseguir com esse método de ensino que o país possa dar o salto de encontro ao futuro."