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Wilson Kiptanui Soy (Kenya):
Master's Degree in Business Administration
Doctor Ph.D. in Business Administration
Degree Research: Factors affecting the profitability of small scale tea growers in Kenya

TESTIMONY: "Immediately after I started my Masters and PhD studies with Bircham University, life has not been the same again. My colleagues, friends, family and I have experienced total transformation in me, in the way and manner I critically analyze issues in general and in particular my profession, Business Administration, even before I graduated. The step I took is a journey less travelled by many but I have realized that, like many other people, I have huge potentials untapped awaiting to blossom like Rose flower. Bircham University has enabled me realize my life time dream of getting a PhD and being able to be an example to others who have humble background like me. In spite of the past challenges, the future remains spotless equally for all.  I am now in a position to sow seeds of success onto others and make my contribution in human life using the appropriate skills, knowledge and education befitting the current dynamic world, earned through Bircham University distance learning program. My efforts and ambition in search of new knowledge has been adequately answered and this has opened new horizon in my career and life, and I can now work competently any where in the world and make a well valued contribution in human endeavors. However,above all I thank almighty GOD for the good health and the wisdom to chose Bircham University because of its flexibility and rich curriculum which rides on the strength of simplicity. As I returned from my graduation in Madrid in June 2010, a huge celebration was lined up for me by professionals colleagues and friends here in Kenya. Long Live Bircham University.

I am happy to be among those who chose this path as the knowledge acquired at BIU is all time applicable and appropriate. I retired from my previous employment, and because of the flexible e-learning programs offered by BIU,  I studied PhD and Msc in Business Administration through e-learning and I am currently teaching on part-time at one of the premier universities."